Tips for choosing the right cleaner.

Not sure which pool cleaner is right for you?

I provide helpful tips and factors to consider when selecting a pool cleaner that fits your needs and budget.

blue swimming pool
blue swimming pool

Is it necessary to have a pool cleaner?

Yes, it is! If you own a home with a pool then you already know that it takes a lot of work and maintenance to keep your pool looking good and crystal clear all year long! There is absolutely no other way you can clean all the surfaces and crevices of your pool without one! So investing into the right cleaner for your needs will DEFINITELY make your life easier!


Having an above-ground or in-ground pool makes a difference on what type of cleaner you need. Above-ground cleaners are usually designed simple meaning they do NOT have complex shapes. They are usually rectangular or circular in shape with no steps or complex curves. In-ground pools are custom designed so they can range from being easy to clean with just a basic robot to being extremely difficult with odd shapes and steps and designs that require a more advanced robot.


Most important part of deciding which cleaner is right for you is to determine your price range. With the variety of pool cleaners on the market today prices range from under $100 to well over the $1000 range. Price is also important because in general, the higher the price of a cleaner the more features it will have. So if you're willing to pay more you will get MORE!


Along with price comes features. This is very important because every pool is different. If you have a simple above-ground pool then you don't need the new top-of-the-line pool cleaner with advanced features! At the other extreme, if you have a big complicated in-ground pool with different shapes that look like mouse ears with steps and curves everywhere then you will need extra features! Features include being a handheld cleaner or robotic cleaner, ability to clean surfaces including the floors, walls, steps, and waterline of your pool, and being able to connect to wifi or use a mobile app to control your robot. The list keeps growing with new features!

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